A whole journey that began on a sensorial nevel with the professional environment of her parents pastry chefs. «The smell of caramel, the pounding of the cookie cutter would make me go down the stairs so fast to taste the blond, sweet and crispy nougatine falls. A delight!»

Happiness to paint from kindergarten, to paint, to work the stone, the earth, to create jewels… happiness to dance too !

Élisabeth Lenain trained in classical music. From the age of 5, 14 years later she obtained a unanimous first prize with congratulations and special mention at the Musica Piano Competition presided over by Jean Manuel, member of the jury at the Conservatoire National de Paris.

To transmit this art in a lively and playful way, she followed the Martenot pedagogical training courses for piano and the FM in Paris and Rennes, choir conducting courses, training courses for the cultural and artistic development of young children with « Enfance et Musique ».

Aware of the importance of attitude in the practice of instrumental playing, she followed the awareness sessions through Feldenkrais movement with François Combeau and then with Françoise Legalloudec during her training in Rennes. She learnt active relaxation during her training in Paris.

To liberate, deepen and enrich her vocal practice, she followed the training courses of Daïnouri Choque and Gilles Pesnot.

Thanks to a constant need to discover, express oneself and transmit, her credentials have been  enriched over the course of time with many quality tools, encounters and experiences.


CD of songs for young children

Bonne nuit Trésor – 2020

With regard to the paintings of

Chantal Lallemand – 2019 – Ethel Denner – 2009

Recitals accompanied by zither

Churches of Cabourg, Deauville, Trouville, Bernières sur mer, le Bec-Hellouin, Évreux, Lisieux, Dinan, Vernon, Cesseville.


7 à voir et à entendre – Association for the development and diffusion of all artistic forms – 2016

Pastel and zither

Presentation of 25 pastels and their writings – Chapelle de Saint Chéron in Breuilpont – 2016

Recital accompanied by keyboard

 Happiness to love, happiness to travel – 2016

Accompaniment by piano

Accompaniment of the recitals of Eve Guerrier, singer and actress

The bridges of the Seine and The strangeness of the stranger – 2013 & 2014

Sensorial and musical performances

Played in nurseries, schools, media libraries, cultural centres, during festivals.

The books of Victor and Stories in Music with Pauline Nicolas, storyteller – 2002 & 2003

Trip to Asia for Vietnamese percussions and Baschet Sound Structures – 2000

The secret garden of Loulotte and Sand, golden dust with Fabienne Morane, plastic artist -1996 & 2000

Songs for children

Round dance, long round dance – Cassette of the songs of the show – The children of the conservatory sing Anaëlle – Théâtre de Malakoff – 1994


Thanks to her education filled with tools and enriched with encounters and experiences, Élisabeth Lenain transmits in a playful and creative way the art of singing and playing the piano.

Currently the courses are held in Hécourt in the Eure Valley Eure Valley in Normandy.

Since 1993, she has been teaching musical awakening for the youngest, musical training and piano in the Paris region, in Mayenne and Normandy within the musical associations of Bois le Roy, Cravent and Pacy sur Eure.

She is involved in various projects in nurseries and schools.

She has conducted the choirs of Breuilpont and Guichainville.

For the Douains Town Hall, she created an artistic workshop for children, organized activities and outings for the elders.