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Happiness to love, happiness to travel

Happiness to go to Bahia, to stroll along the great boulevards, to be parents of a little Cécile…. It is a time of love and adventure, that of Max and all men.

Élisabeth Lenain accompanies herself on the keyboard for this recital of French songs.

On the program, the successes of Claude Nougaro, Véronique Sanson, Sinsemilia, Gainsbourg’s wink, a musical breath on piano and flute, the freshness of Vianney and Joyce Jonathan.

” Your recital delighted our afternoon! You sing and play with your heart and that goes straight to the hearts of those who are listening to you. Thank you again ! ”  Nicole and Jean-Jacques, concert in Bréval, 2017.

Seasonal collections

Classical music to listen to, songs to sing !

A time of musical sharing in joy and spontaneity inspired by the season of the moment.

With Vivaldi’s famous concertos.
For spring, lightness of waltzes and love songs.
Spanish and Italian music, sunshine and travel in songs for the summer.
Kosma, Ferrat, the nostalgia of the young years and the great classics for autumn.
Russian and Norwegian music and winter songs as a snow star, Nathalie…

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August 15, 2022

In the abbey church of Bec-Hellouin

singing and zither from 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Voice Zither Recitals

History of Cithare

“If the zither is well known in the countries of the east… and the east of our country, there are regions where this instrument is ignored. My zither is beautiful, though!

The history of its acquisition… a Beusher window on the Champs de Mars in Paris, an attractive price, and here I am, unable to resist this beautiful instrument painted with flowers, rich with 67 strings with its ready-to-play chords and 2 chromatic octaves. I will have to wait for the opportunity to take it out of its cover…. And that was for the exhibition of the artists of the village, where it had its place in the choir of the church. Naturally, I played the repertoire adapted to its celestial timbre, these millenary poems, the psalms.”

Musics, psalms and songs to Mary

Ideal directory in all circumstances and all year round. To be booked or watched on this site for “spontaneous” events at the major calendar festivals.

Antiphon of Psalm 26 : My light and salvation is the Lord! “Alleluia” sang Colette, 85 years old, who came by bus from Paris for the day. With 2 other people, we were attentive to her testimony full of faith, vitality and joy. Coming to me, she said, “I was in heaven when I heard you. Church of Cabourg, July 21, 2018

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“It all started thanks to Alain, my childhood friend. For his wedding, he wanted me to take care of the musical aspect of the ceremony. A choir of friends has been formed for the songs. Bach, Kœchlin, Mendelssohn rang at the organ for processions and meditations.”

Musical accompaniment of wedding ceremonies

On the organ or keyboard

You have made your choice beforehand, or Élisabeth Lenain offers you a selection enriched over the years.

Musical accompaniment of the funeral

On the organ or zither

Élisabeth Lenain puts at your disposal her skills as an instrumentalist, her sensitivity as a musician for a deep and peaceful ceremony.