Music and visual art workshops

The Voice of Being

Workshop on Sunday 19 November 2023
Co-hosted with Anne Hélie


Liberation through the voice with the help of presence and awareness.

Freeing the voice through the breath, re-structuring vocalisations, posture and relaxation.

The piano will play a key role in this accompaniment.


Élisabeth Lenain

06 86 26 87 97


The trainees testify


Very warm and enriching course that gave me confidence in myself.

… Nice course that makes you want to know more.

Desire to deepen the music and the friendships.

… A beautiful week full of emotions of all kinds !

Each one goes there of its piece and one can communicate, listen to the other one well beyond the melody which it interprets to us.

… little by little, I gain more confidence in myself.

I learned a lot of things.

… A very friendly and enriching week.

It was fun to play together and share music.

… With our guide and teacher, we compose a bouquet of art, music, colors, painting, poetry.

A big thank you !

… To do again with joy !




Student concert


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From winter to spring

Pastel made by the children


Peter and the wolf