7 à voir et à entendre

“Music gives a soul to our hearts and wings to the mind”

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Élisabeth Lenain

06 86 26 87 97


Artistic approach, steps Towards trust.

Happiness to improvise every day at the piano or the zither,

Happiness to sing, to spread with the hand the velvety powder of the pastel…

Then one day go beyond the happiness of creating for oneself and the invisible universe…

Dare to take the plunge, dare to reveal oneself

As it is, with heavenly inspirations

But also hesitations and skids.

So work on confidence, feeling and anchoring.

It’s the joy of sharing… and everything becomes fluid.

Breathing deeply, connecting to the source

And say, sing, draw the emotion of the moment.

Everything that is, has been for all eternity !

Pastel 80 x 65