New Recital for Voice and Zither


Cithare Élisabeth Lenain

The crystalline timbre of this instrument makes it ideal for meditative music. It is also used by religious communities in an undecorated setting.

The pieces proposed for this new recital were written for the zither by Jacques Berthier. Each one is a jewel with an evocative name.

The songs, dedicated to Mary, the song of Saint Hildegard, the psalms and the famous Amazing Grace, all linked by faith, make up a sensitive programme that touches the very depths of the soul.

Click on the photo of Élisabeth singing the Ave Maria de Fatima to discover this recital, premiered on Sunday 15 October in the abbey church of Le Bec-Hellouin.

Recital Voice Zither Élisabeth Lenain

Videos of the recital


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